Dedicated – the making

The Making Of: DEDICATED from Corey Rich on Vimeo.

Following the post on ‘Dedicated’ by Corey Rich, I also wanted to give you the making of. It shows more of how the photographers approach their work, and it will be much more interesting for those interested in DSLR movie making. Enjoy…



DEDICATED from Corey Rich on Vimeo.

I shoot Canon myself, but this is something you need to watch. Corey Rich released his short movie about the passion of photography (which is also a promo film for the new Nikon D4S): Dedicated Three photographers are featured: Dave Black (sports), Robert Beck (sports) and George Karbus (nature). The […]


GoPro footage from Syria

ANNA, the Abkhazian New Network Agency, is posting footage from GoPro camera’s mounted on Syrian T-72 tanks. This gives a very unique point-of-view, something very hard for photojournalists to do. There is also some footage from the rebels’ side included.